Safe and Drug-Free Community and Web Resource Guide-The Safe and Drug-FreeCommunity and Web Resource Guide is designed to provide school districts and county offices of education with references and potential community partners that may provide assistance in planning for comprehensive drug and violence prevention efforts.

Safe and Drug-Free Community and Web Resource Guide Direct Web Links-Here are several direct web links you can use to learn more about some of the programs listed in the SDFSC Web and Community Resource Guide.

Electronic Web Enabled Grant

Waiver Request Guide- A waiver request needs to be completed when a district is interested in implementing a program or activity that is not on the current list of scientifically-based, approved programs. The Waiver Request Guide provides the information necessary to satisfactorily complete a waiver request. Click on the link and you will be able to download a PDF version of this guide.

Completing the 2009/2010 Title IV-A Application (EWEG)- This updated packet contains information on how to complete the Title IV-A and Needs Assessment portions of the NCLB Consolidated Formula Sub grant application for 2009/2010. A list of changes in the current application, summarizing needs assessment results, developing program plans, and completing the waiver application process are among the topics addressed. 

This information will be of interest to: District staff who are responsible for planning substance use and violence prevention programming and those responsible for completing the grant application. Additional assistance is available by contacting the Rutgers SDFSC staff directly by email or phone 732-445-6173.

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