We have provided the hot links below to allow you to learn more about some of the programs listed on the community and Web resource guide. The SDFSC does not endorse or recommend any of the programs listed below. Theses links are provided as a service to the members of our web community.

Lions Quest

The Lions Quest website has numerous educator resources such as evaluation tools, media links, curriculum maps for state standards (in English, Social Studies and Health), and curriculum maps for national standards (in Service Learning, SEL, Drug Prevention), among others. 

Lions Quest programs are school-based, comprehensive, positive youth development programs for students in grades K-12.  These life skills and drug prevention programs unite the home, school and community to cultivate capable and healthy young people through Character Education, Social and Emotional Learning, and Service Learning lesson plans and activities. 

Operation Respect

A non-profit educational and advocacy organization founded by Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary was established in 1999. Free copies of their Don’t Laugh at Me anti bullying campaign teacher’s guide, video and CD are available on their web site.

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