Better Use of Data County Forums


Data Sources

The Better Use of Data Forums have provided opportunities for educators, law enforcement, health and human services professionals, municipal alliances, and other professionals in NJ with the opportunity to network and share data sources. These data sources provide trends, incidence, prevalence, and other critical information regarding drug, alcohol, and other drug-use, violence and vandalism rates, school data, and information about mental health. 

The data sources are broken down in excel spreadsheets as indicated below. Each spreadsheet contains the name of the data source, the priority problem or issue the data address, and contact information to locate the data on the web. 

Data Sources
  1. National Data Sources
  2. State Data Sources
  3. County Data Sources (by county)
  4. County Data Sources (provided in state resources)
  5. Municipal Data Sources
  6. School Data Sources

If you have a data source that is not provided in these resources, please contact us at or 732-445-6173. We’re interested in keeping these resources useful and up-to-date. 

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